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Updated: 26 Feb 2019

Everything you need to know about running a 5k

Blog written by Michaela Waddup, the Group Leader for Run Together Jog Squad Bicester.

So, you’re still thinking about registering for a Light the Night fun run, but you’re a little nervous – just how far is 5km anyway?

The average person would walk 5km (3.1 miles) in around 45 to 60 mins, or at a more leisurely pace, it could take around 90 minutes. It’s achievable for most of us with a pinch of self-confidence and just a little bit of planning!

Light the Night Bicester 5k

Our Bicester Light the Night run is a flat course, over a mixture of grass and concrete – so it’s worth getting used to walking, jogging or running on different surfaces before the event.

In Bicester, we are lucky to have three ‘blue line’ routes – painted lines that have been carefully measured to exactly 5km. Why not meet some friends or family for a Sunday stroll or mid-week meander along the line to get a feel for the distance? You can go to the Cherwell Website to see all the routes.

There is also Bicester Parkrun each Saturday morning, which is a great opportunity to walk or run 5km.

Knowing how far you’re going and approximately how long it will take to cover the route are great steps to building your confidence.

Bicester Parkrun 5k

Of course, we’ll all be wearing our neons, bright colours and lights too so lots of colourful fun, but what boring, practical bits might you want to consider?

You don’t need tonnes of running gear for your first event, but there are some basics that can help to ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable time. Supportive shoes are a must (we don’t want any blisters!) and if you’re planning to jog or run, ladies, a structured sports bra will ensure your assets don’t feel any negative impact!

Comfortable clothing that will keep you warm without overheating is key – think ‘light layers’. With the unpredictability of the Great British weather, a lightweight colourful waterproof jacket is a good idea.

Think about how you want to experience the event – are you running with friends for a giggle? Are you going to jog a bit and walk a bit? Do you want to be the first to finish, or are you just hoping to finish?!

Choosing how you want to experience the event will give you the confidence to take part in the way that suits you. Finding like-minded friends with the same frame of mind will make a fabulous social event while fundraising for this great charity.

However you choose to #lightupalife we are sure to have a lot of fun – come on, sign up here today!

Michaela Waddup

RunTogether run leader, Bicester

Instagram: @runtogether_jogsquad_bicester